Thursday, 28 August 2014

GBBO Controversy or Baked Alaska Gate

Even if you haven't watched GBBO then you may have heard of the controversy surrounding it. I know, controversay and a baking contest doesn't really sound right does it? Yet it happened. Poor Iain who had been having a good week (for once). Threw his melted Baked Alaska in the bin rather than present what he could of it.

This poor woman is getting the blame and as a result the BBC have had an abundance of complaints. Supposedly she took Iains ice cream out of the freezer because he hadn't used his own freezer. Now, she did comment to Iain that he should use his own freezer but you don't actually see her taking it out. Plus Iain has since said that it was out for less than a minute. Poor woman has had demands that she is kicked off the show and that Iain is reinstated. I think people forget that the entire series finished filming a month or so ago so it would be pretty difficult to do as they wished. The BBC have since announced that Diana left before the next episode due to ill health. While Diana is maybe not my favourite contestant (in terms of her bakes) I do feel a little sorry for her. I also feel sorry for Iain too of course.

What amused me most was that I did force my dad to watch it. It was my birthday after all and I had just come off my last shift. For someone who believes it to be a waste of time he was clearly riveted. Then when the controversy hit he got up in arms over that poor guy and how he shouldn't be penalised. I think I was more entertained by him.

More importantly, why was I not aware of just how yummy Baked Alaska's are? I was convinced I didn't like them. However, they are filled with ice cream, cake and merangue. What's not to like? Although, not enough to want to make one of my own. That all looked far too stressful.

Norman continues to be my favourite. He's the one you just want to look after and you don't want anything bad to happen to him. I will be devastated if they kick him out. Sadly his bakes are far too safe even when he tries to be imaginitive.

All of these images aren't mine and came from the Great British Bake Off facebook page.

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