Monday, 4 August 2014

Pins I Love - Crafts for the Garden

Before I start, my absence was not planned. The truth is I have been mainly reading in between working on secret projects. The books are not crafty in nature and so I couldn't really talk about them here. I also took the huff with my last planned pinterest post (everything on there should have a decent link - new rule). All is now forgiven and this post is actually a spur of the moment choice.

To be honest my mum is the gardener of the family. Even when we had a flat my mum had plants everywhere. She is famous for never being bored of gardening shows. Her dream was always to have her own garden and now that she does it's very pretty. She takes great pride in it and every year she tries out new plants and colours. Me, I just admire. Doing this post made me think that maybe I am hitting middle age a little early. Then I remembered that my sister and I used to create our own garden designs using pens and paper. However, these are more crafty items for the garden rather than the gardening itself.

This first idea is actually quite a good way of cheaply brightening up the garden. Just paint some old terracotta pots to fit in with your garden. It's a good way of adding splashes of colour which won't detract from the flowers. Personally I would paint the post just one colour rather than adding stripes into the mix. The tutorial is by Sand and Sisal which seems to be a homes and garden online magazine. As always just click on the images to go straight to the tutorials.

 There are a few of these vertical planters about pinterest. Some of which seem to defy gravity. This one seems fairly simple and I am sure many a gardener could do this no problem. This tutorial is by Sweet Bella Roos. A blog worth visiting if you also love your recipes. Back to the piled planters though. How fab would this look if you coordinate the colours on each level of the planter? I am thinking rainbows people!

 This is another tutorial and a simple one at that. I honestly think I could do that. Again you could paint your pots to add splashes of colour to you garden. It's also a fantastic idea if space is a premium in your garden. You'll find this tutorial on a blog called Happiness Is.

A little different from you usual markers. Instead of just writing your herbs onto pieces of card paint a stone. This person has obviously went for the match the stone to the herb idea. Me, I would go for decorative as well as useful. Some bold colours with the herb name printed on them. You could even have them match the terracotta plant pots you have just painted. This tutorial is from a blog called garden therapy which seems to have a whole host of ideas and recipes.

Did you know that pallet gardens is a thing? Neither did I. To me pallets were always the nuisance things you deliveries arrived in on (back in the day when I worked with books). They made a mess of your floor, they wouldn't always fit in your pallet jack and you got rid of them as soon as you could. At least that was always my experience. There are umpteen images of pallet gardens floating around pinterest. Some of them are kept natural like this one and others are painted up (matching your other painted items maybe). I quite like the natural look and you could have a whole spray of colour at each level thanks to you plants. Most people it would seem use them for herbs and have each level labelled (but then where would your stones go). Anyway, this tutorial on Bright Nest gives step by step instructions on how to create your own.

I will be back later in the week. Not in two weeks, I promise. Baby shower number 2 is up this week which means I will be able to reveal another secret project.

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