Sunday, 24 August 2014


The above image came courtesy of the Great British Bake Off website which I have linked to the image itself. That can only mean one thing! I am going to talk about GBBO. Like last year I am once again addicted. I am even guilty of watching each episode more than once on iPlayer. You might wonder at that but I don't seem to ever get bored of it. Perhaps because my own creativity is limited to the time I can spend on it.

Regardless, I am loving it this year and I think this year is even better than last year. Not just because there has been no site of custard (which was prolific last year or at least it seemed to be). Not just because I would actually like to try my hand at most of this years bakes (so far). But also because there is an abundance of talent. Let's not forget that these are amateur bakers (however are also significantly less amateur) although this years seeem to be slightly more talented than last years. I don't think I could even pick out a winner at this point. Nor do I have a favourite to win.

I couldn't even point out a favourite at this point (although there are a few stars there). I do have a soft spot for Norman and not just cause he is a fellow Scot. However, his refusal to move from safety means that I don't see him winning. I also have a soft spot for Martha who is the youngest contestant so far and has a great deal of talent. I also like Nancy and her attitude to her baking. I have to say poor Jordan was my least favourite and he seemed to have less skill and knowledge than the others. Perhaps, he would have been better after a few more years of practise.

Thanks to my lovely mother I now have the book to go with this years series. Which is a good thing as I want to try my hand at a number of the recipes. I quite fancy having a go at the ciabatta. I am still dying to have a go at making bread in general. I also have an idea for a swiss roll which involves making my own jam. Just as well I am going to have some time off coming up.

I'm not going to review this book as yet. I want to try a couple of the recipes first. As I have another GBBO book I have yet to make anything from though you might be waiting a while. Or maybe not if I get the chance to make that bread.

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