Saturday, 9 August 2014

Secret Project 2 Revealed.

Baby shower number 2 took place last night so I can finally show off my 2nd of 3 secret projects. You may find this blanket it rather familiar as it is really just the reverse of the blanket I did for the last baby shower. I had planned it that way all along and wasn't a way to use up yarn. In fact this blanket is a bit of a yarn eater. Sadly I forgot to note how many balls of yarn I used. I can tell you that I just had enough of the yellow and have three balls of white left over. That's not really helpful if you are wanting to make this yourself. Helpful to me though as I have a plan for that white.

I am not going to review the pattern again. You can read about my thoughts on it from the post I did on the first one. I will say that after two blankets I still wasn't bored of it. It was quite a nice one to work on and looks far more complicated than it actually is (that's a shout out to a few of my crafty friends who mistakenly believe they wouldn't be able to do it).

Once again, what I did not enjoy was all the ends. I was working on so many shifts and had essays and job applications to write that I did bits of this blanket whenever I had the time. That meant I wasn't going to waste it with the boring job of sewing in ends as I went. I wonder if I was expecting the pixies to do it.

Instead I had the lovely task of sewing them all in at the end. I guess I had about 100 on each side to sew in. I stopped counting when I got to 40 and wasn't even halfway up one side.

I still don't think this pattern looks like hearts. It's still pretty though. I also edged it the same way I did with the last one. Just a border of single crochet stitches in white and then in yellow. If anything it just makes it neater.

The baby shower itself was a success but I will tell you more on that next time. I am also still working on secret project 3 (not a baby shower gift) but I'm also going to be starting on something not so secret.

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