Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Pins I Love - Shawl Obsession!

I love a shawl and just now I have a small obsession with images on pinterest. There are a few shawl boards that I follow and as a result my 'All things knitty' board is filling up with shawls (also stripes but that's a different story). I have made a couple of shawls in my time. One was a gift to my gran which is lying in her cupboard somewhere (anything she believes to be too nice to use gets put in her cupboard - I should be flattered but would rather she used it). I also made another for a friend and a granny triangle shawl which for myself which is really more of a scarf. The truth is I don't think I suit shawls. I would look like an idiot and I can't imagine me wearing one unless it's snuggled up at home. I do have a friend though who suits them and could get away with wearing them anywhere. Perhaps because, unlike me, she is tall and graceful.

Regardless I am still obsessed and our summer is starting to cool off a little which seems like the perfect time to make one. This first shawl I love simply because it is so stripey (knew I would get those stripes in somewhere). I also love it for the use of garter stitch. I also like it because it doesn't use lace and you could combine any colours that you wanted. While all of the shawls on this weeks post are available on ravelry none of them are free. I would definitely pay for this pattern though. It's by designer Danielle Chalson who seems to have a few designs available on ravelry.

 This particular shawl was knitted by Boo Knits who again has a fair few designs worth checking out. There is also a blog but I haven't linked it as it didn't seem to last long. The pattern says to use worsted weight yarn which is slightly chunkier than DK but not as heavy as Aran. However, this particular image looks to me like it was done in 4ply. I think that's what makes this pattern so versatile is that you could change the yarn and needle size if you wished. It would make for a slightly different shawl. I also like it because it looks like it would drape well and has some length to it. Although I haven't seen the pattern I imaging that you could add additional repeats of the pattern to make it longer if you wished. Also, I do like a pattern that has a wave to it.

 This pattern is called Nangou and was designed by Melanie Berg. This image is by a ravelry user called Florentine and she used her own spun yarn to knit this. I have to say that it was the colour and the yarn that caught my attention in this one. I also love the use of a white stripe to accentuate the pattern. That aspect of it is part of the original pattern mind you. If you look to the pattern itself you will see that it is one of those shawls that you could use as a scarf too. This one though is just my colour.

 This one is designed by Ambah and the shawl is called the Oyster shawl. It drew my eye not just because of the contrast between the colours but also because of the combination of complicated lace and simple lace. It really is very effective and I love the edging. If you go the pattern page though (as always just click on the image) you will see some of the lovely colour combinations other knitters have used. Some of which are very striking.

This shawl is by far my favourite and I think I may even purchase the pattern. It has everything I love, stripes, teal and a grey yarn to highlight the colour. I love the delicate edging and I love the contrast between a simple knit and a more complex border. I think if (when) I knit this I will be using the same colours. However, again the possibilities are endless but I am in love with this one. This was designed by Sarah Jordan who seems to have a few other lovely designs on there. She also has a blog worth checking out called knit/wit.

I just realised that these are all knits. However, there are some lovely crochet shawls out there and maybe they will get their own pinterest post.

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