Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Scottish Baby Shower

I'm not going to steal the thunder of my knitting groups blog. I just thought I would show you a very rare photo with me in it. Being the one usually taking the photo's I have been successful at avoiding the camera. Until now. So here is me presenting the lovely Lisa with her gift.

I can't take credit for the planning of this one. My friend Isabel came up with the idea of a Scottish themed baby shower. So you can see some of our Scottish goodies and our decorated table with irn bru kilts (am sure this isn't an official kilt). I can also tell you that those flags were used by my friend and her family to cheer on the athletes during the Games Road Race. If you want to see all the amazing things people made then head over to the group blog.

Lisa is the lovely lady who has runs For the Love of Yarn that I have been raving about over and over again. It was also her son who raised money for cancer research and I donated a pair of socks to the auction (did I mention that clever boy raised over £800). Well, the lady who had the winning bid likes purples and blues. It just so happened that Lisa had some of her hand dyed yarn in those colours. So I have this scrummy yarn on the pins.

You may have noticed that the Common Wealth Games have been and gone. I had wanted to be one of the volunteers but not really a good idea since it would coincide with my final placement. I also didn't watch much of it. Or any of it really. Even though I was riveted to the Olympics two years ago I found that I was just too tired or busy. So the extent of my excitement was seeing a lot of yarn bombing round near my sister's. A project that was done with school kids in time for the Games. I also have photo's of Clydes and other Games related decoration but they don't really fit in with a crafting blog.

I have nothing else to show you. To be honest I have been too tired to do much of anything on my days off. I have been concentrating on my final few weeks of my degree and that little project of job hunting. I have been reading craft pages and I still find myself on pinterest (although not quite as often). I have also been baking for my fellow nurses but as it's been more banana bread and my famous cookies I didn't think you would want to see yet more images of those.

Oh, which reminds me! Be prepared for some Great British Bake Off related posts. It's back and so far I am impressed with the contestants. Think it's going to be a good one.

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