Monday, 18 August 2014

This Is Happening!

Between finishing university and getting my registration there will be two months where I will be a little bit free. During that time I have promised my sister that I will go to a life drawing club with her. Not a class but a club. Lets face it, my sister hardly needs tutoring but she does enjoy her life drawing and it gives her the chance to work with other forms of media. A club and not a class also means that I won't have the embarrassment of being told what I already know - that I am rubbish! You know that episode of 'How I Met Your Mother' where Lily has her paintbrushes snapped in two for being so crap. That would be me but without the paint brushes. I suppose I could have my pencils snapped in two.

The other positive side is that this takes place in a pub and so there will be alcohol to numb the pain. As a future healthcare professional I really cannot recommend the use of alcohol to get you through any situation. In this case I think I will need it. Funnily enough it was this fact that my sister used to sell the idea to me. Anyway, my sister has me all prepared. I now have my very own little artist model dude and sketch book. I think that means I have to get some practise in.

In other news my room is slowly being taken over by knitted woodland creatures. Not that I am complaining. My mum has been knitting up these kits which have come free with various magazines. The squirrel even came with it's very own acorn. Don't be worried. There was no favouritism. Sister got her very own camouflage cat.

In my own crafting world my final secret project is going very well. I can see light at the end of the tunnel. I had also started my auction socks. Look how pretty the colours are. Now that you have seen it I am starting again. I feel they should be done in a smaller needle size. The stitch feels a little too loose and it will annoy me if I don't start again.

Lastly, I have yet more yarn bombing for you. It's from the same project as the last one. I just didn't notice until the weekend there that the posts at the train station were wearing hats. I also just noticed that some of the yarn bombing contained little tags with information on the project. It's by a group called Scattercraft and they have their very own blog. Worth having a look.

Oh, and my final piece of news for you. I was successful in my first interview and will be employed (at least part time) in the next two months.

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