Sunday, 13 July 2014

Baking and it's not Banana Bread!

Yep, that's right. I attempted a recipe I hadn't tried before because I had actual time to pay attention to what I was doing. Banana bread I can now do in my sleep. It's an easy option that takes 10 minutes to have one in the oven and another waiting. When you have made dozens of them it gets a little boring. I was desperate to try something new. I have a few recipes on my iPad and the cherry cake seemed like the simplest. That is it took fewer ingredients.

The folks were away and I was entertaining my sister so it seemed like the perfect time. Plus, I love cherry cake and my sister is partial to it too.

While the recipe may not use many ingredients it certainly used up almost every dish in the house. At one point I had three different mixtures in three different bowls which had to be stirred together a bit at a time. Who in the world has time for that? I am not going to lie. I was very tempted to cheat and just shove it all together. However, when a recipe tells you to have eggs in one bowl, flour in another and sugar and butter in yet another there is a reason for it. It made it all light and fluffy. I am sure disaster would have struck had I went with my initial "lets just shove it all together and see what happens".  I am sure a cake I have made in the past used a similar method and I remember being impressed with the results then. Can't for the life of me remember what it was mind you.

You then place the rest of the cherries on top of the cake. Sounds bizarre, I know, but the mix rises and envelops those cherries. So also worth doing. The end result was might tasty. Not just my words but also the words of my sister. In fact she wants me to give up my nursing career to open a bakery (not going to happen). I got the recipe from Waterstones as an ecard. If you are looking for it though you will find it in "The Baker's Daughter" by Louise Johncox. Very easy to follow and I might have to add this book to my wish list.

As you saw from my last post the baby shower has been and gone. In fact mum to be is no longer mum to be. She had a beautiful little girl yesterday. The baby shower itself was a huge success. My crazy (but lovely) friend decorated the room and brought along some Indian foods. Soon to be grandmother had also cooked for the occasion. Both mother and daughter were dressed in traditional Indian clothing which my friends mum had made herself. Confused yet? It was a lovely event and you should head over to my knitting groups blog to see my friend (she was beautiful) and all the goodies our group made for her. 

In other news, my last piece of course work has been handed in. This means that I can relax a little. You would think I would have got my craft on as a result. The truth is I have been mostly sleeping or watching DVDs. I am struggling to settle on anything. Perhaps I don't feel right not having work to do. Anyway, this little tag is the only crafting I have done this past week and it took me far longer to do than it should have. Next week I will get back on operation baby shower 2.

Do you remember the charity event my friends little boy was having to raise money? His mum ran an auction event. Between that and his other fundraising activities he managed to raise over £850. It took him just two weeks to do. Now that's impressive and not surprisingly my friend is very proud of her wee boy. I did win some hand-dyed sock yarn on that auction. I love those colours and I plan to knit myself some socks with it. Whenever I get the chance to do that.

Meanwhile I thought I would leave you with some more images from my mum's garden. I've been looking after it this week so I think I deserve some of the credit (because watering it a couple of times is the same).

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