Monday, 10 February 2014

Pins I Love - Crochet Valentines!

 I had a completely different post planned for today (still a pinterest post). Then I remembered that it is Valentines day this week (blurgh). Whilst I have never been one to celebrate it (even when I had an other half) I do like some of the crafts involved. I think us spinsters should claim back the heart. Anyway, it just so happens that all the heart related pins of late have been crochet hence another crochet themed post.

This first one is called the sunburst granny hearts. I quite like these and think they would make fab bunting. A lady called jacquie of Bunny Mummy posted a free tutorial on how to make them. I like the look of her blog and think I will investigate further later. Meanwhile just click on the image and it will take you straight to the tutorial. I should warn you that it's in US terms so if you are from the UK (like me) you will have to translate the stitches.

More heart bunting. I quite like the use of different stitches in this. Plus the edging gives them a delicate vintage feel. This is another free tutorial this time by Yarn Pumpkin designs. You can also find her on ravelry. Again this is in US terms but if you get the UK it's easy to translate. Just write it out again in a notebook.

Not a free crochet design this time. This is a set of washcloths from HoneyBeeAffairs. A lot of people seem to be making washcloths from crochet. This set though I think could be used as coasters. The friend I gave a shout out to in a post last week was making heart coasters for Valentines day. Not quite like these but it did give me the idea that these could also be used that way.

 This one is probably my favourite. It's another take on the solid granny. The facebook group I join in on (for the Love of Yarnigans) is having another crochet along. The charity one is ongoing but they are also doing heart bunting. This was one of the patterns put forward. Another free tutorial this time by loopsan. Plus, they also translate the pattern into UK terms for you. So no need to do it yourself. Not sure if it's the colours I love about it or the solid granny pattern. Maybe a combination of both. I was tempted to join in for this pattern alone. However, I came to the conclusion I can only fit so many things in at once. Maybe next year.

Not a free pattern but still a pattern you can purchase to do yourself. This one is by Zoom Yummy. Worth checking out as she seems to have a number of great patterns there. I like the stitch pattern on these which attracted me to them in the first place. Not sure what you would do with them though. I am a practical gal and think most things should have a purpose. Perhaps these could be used as a pincushion?

Apologies to those who don't like Valentines day although I still say us singles should claim back the hearts. Next week I will post the one I had originally planned.


  1. Lovely suggestions. The whole valentines industry leaves me cold but sweet little hearts and kindnesses are right up my street. Frankly if you only make a fuss of your loved one once a year then things are pretty bad.