Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Pins I Love - Mittens


Since it was snowing last week and very stormy in lots of places both in the UK and outside I thought having a mittens post would be apt. I love mittens, especially those with colour work. The closest I have came to this is fingerless mitts and it was all in one colour. So I don't think that counts.As always click on the images for the links. I should also warn you that the last image contains bad language.

I love daisies and so these immediately caught my eye. I think it's a combination of the daisies and the blue. It stands out against the white and blue is my favourite colour.  Sadly, I'm not sure how you get a hold of the pattern. I've linked it to the ravelry page of the original designer, Eva-Lotta Staffas, It looks like it might be from a Norwegian book. I wouldn't normally share it in that case but these are too pretty not to.


For those who don't know me I am a self confessed geek. I immediately fell in love with these Doctor Who gloves. Any self-respecting Doctor Who fan would (unless of course you are terrified of the Weeping Angels). This pattern was designed by Therese Sharp and is available on her etsy store, Geekyness Galore. Worth checking out if you are a geek like me.


How cute are these owls? I love an owl and added with the blue it's instant love. I love the look of the yarn too. Looks almost like a cotton to me (I don't recognise the brand). These are available for purchase on ravelry and were designed by Barbara Gregory. Oh, and the pattern even has a cute title - Horatio and Oren.


Well, fingerless mitts were going to have to make an appearance in here somehow. This is a beautiful star pattern and I think the possibilities are endless with all those variegated yarns out there. Better yet, this pattern is available of ravelry and is free. They were designed by Sybil R. I can see myself knitting these at the end of the year.


Okay, so these mittens aren't for the faint hearted. I wouldn't wear them round to your grans (well, maybe my gran, I think she would love them). They amused me though as there are some days when the weather can only be described as such. Am I right? These are available for purchase on ravelry and were designed by the appropriately titled, Drunk Girl Designs.

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