Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Pins I Love - In Honour of the Rug!


I meant to post this yesterday but I left my USB at home which meant relying on my iPad. Sadly, as much as I love it, it doesn't do everything I want it to do. Anyway, forgetting computer problems, this weeks Pins I Love is an ode to the rug. Mainly because I am still so very proud of mine. Most of these are either patterns or rugs that you can purchase from etsy. Only one is a direct link to a tutorial. As usual though just click on the images and it will take you to the talented people responsible for these creations.

First of all is this beautiful rug.  Sadly, the pattern is actually no longer available. I've just realised that. I would normally replace it with something else. However, this pattern is to pretty not to share. I love the vibrant use of colour. Orange isn't normally a colour I would choose in a project but it really works well here. I'm not sure but it does look like it is made from t-shirt yarn. The seller is listed as ATERGcrochet and I have linked to her shop since I can't link to this rug.


This is the only post that comes with a tutorial (sorry). Also it's in spanish but as it's a google blog I'm sure most of you will have translate, the computer I am using lacks that at the moment. I love the subtle use of  colour in this. What I really love about it though is the shape. It's definitely original and there are lots of possible combinations if you play about with the hexagons.


This rug is for sale rather than as a pattern and it's by seller lacasadecoto. It looks to be quite large and the neutral colours mean that it would fit in with most colour schemes. It's the neutral colours that appeal to me although I think working with so much grey would drive me nuts. Worth it if this is the end result though.


I'm not going to lie. This is by far my favourite! It's the owl theme.  I love owls in a big way and I would want this in my room never mind a childs. You will notice that this is by the same seller who created the first one. I think you could probably tell by the central design and the use of colour even if the seller name wasn't on the image. This pattern is for sale so you could make it yourself.


I am afraid these rugs are also no longer available. What makes them different, other than the chevron pattern, is the way they are made. The strands of t-shirt yarn are platted and then stitched together. I personally think this would be rather time consuming but look at the end result. These were created by Green at Heart Rugs. Like the first image I have linked direct to the seller. Go and have a look as she has lots of fabulous rugs for sale created in this way. It's worth going to see for the colours alone.

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