Sunday, 3 April 2011

Happy Mothers Day

I know you have already seen this card but this one was made especially for Mothers Day.
I offered to bake for my mum and said she could pick what she wanted. Initially it was going to be my peanut butter cookies. After last weeks cheesecake she changed her mind but wanted the chocolate one. Again the recipe is from the Hummingbird. Thankfully the base is different. This one is made from digestives, butter and cocoa powder.

I also knitted my mum a lace scarf. The pattern is a freebie and is called the Travelling Rose. I came across it on ravelry whilst looking for something else and knew straight away it had to be done for my mum. She loves roses and her favourite colour is red. I used Zauberball lace weight yarn because of the colour changes. I also love their sock yarn and wanted to give the lace a go. Glad I did. The pattern was relatively easy to follow but I did find I made mistakes when I was tired. Also it calls for 13 repeats of the pattern. Had I given myself more time I would have added a few more to make it longer.

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