Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Socks #4

I finished knitting these on the last day of March so I am still on target for a pair of socks a month and with one pair extra should I need to miss out a month. I found this pattern in a book that I bought not that long ago. It's called "Around the World In Knitted Socks" by Stephanie Van Der Linden. This particular pattern is called 'It's Tea Time' and was inspired by English Fisherman Sweaters. I loved the pattern and I actually picked this to go with the yarn (rather than the other way about). The yarn is Schoppel Zauberball and the colour way is called Shadows. I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it and have been saving it for the right pattern. Normally I love bright colours but I liked the changes of grey into black. I've used this type of yarn before and it's lovely to knit with. It's also lovely to wear on your feet.

I did have to pay attention to the pattern until I got used to the flow of it. I also had to concentrate on the heel as the fisherman pattern follows down the heel which is unusual. When I don't pay attention I usually automatically work heels with the basic pattern as it's usually the most popular way to do them. The instructions were easy to follow and there were no stitches in there that I hadn't done before. Although, if you are not a fan of following charts it doesn't have a written out alternative as I have found in some books (I personally prefer charts but not everyone does). I love the patterns in the rest of the book and I already have my eye on a few of them. A few for presents but I have another put down for another pair in my challenge.

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