Thursday, 24 March 2011

My First Cheesecake!

I know it doesn't exactly look the prettiest but it is my first. It's a New York cheesecake and I once again used the Hummingbird cooker book. I promise to eventually venture out of that book for baking.

It was fairly easy to do which surprised me. It takes so long because you have to wait for the base to cool and then the rest of it to set. I made it yesterday morning and it has been setting in the fridge until this afternoon. The book said it would only need to be in the fridge overnight but realistically it takes longer. When we tested it I think it could have done with a little longer. Fingers crossed that it will be ready for tonight.

Despite that it did taste good. My mum loves cheesecake and if she didn't like it she wouldn't be able to hide it. It is very rich though and the tiny bit we tried was more than enough. Definitely going to be sending my sister away with a large portion. The only thing that really didn't turn out was the base. I think it stayed behind when I cut a piece. This doesn't particularly bother me as I wasn't convinced by the recipe that I would like the base all that much.

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