Sunday, 30 May 2010

Toe-Up Socks! Or, I learned something new!

I mentioned in my last post that on my knitting retreat I was taught a couple of new skills. I also said that I wanted to finish something before I mentioned them. Well here is one of them. I took a knitting sock class. Yes I do realise that I already know how to knit socks. Whilst the beginner sock knitters were taught cuff down myself and a few others were taught toe-up. It felt strange and wrong and almost like I was cheating on the cuff down sock but I had fun learning how. I was taught using socks for adults but I decided I wanted to knit children's socks instead. So I gave up on the big socks and last week I tried a kids toe up sock and finished it. Unfortunately I had no clue as to sizing and made lots of mistakes with the wrapping of stitches (it's fiddly). After getting some more advice from the teacher I had another go yesterday and finished my first pair. I am so proud of myself. They actually look neat. I promised a friend I would knit her a set of socks for her nephew and this makes ideal practise. The measurements I used though were for cuff down so these ones are a little big.
Having gotten the pattern down and confident with the sizing I started another pair last night and finished them this morning. I'm afraid I got a little too cocky as this pair is not as neat as the first (I photographed the good side). Still I do like the colour reversal.

With still some yarn leftover (50g of white and 50g of blue Rowan milk cotton DK) I got cockier still and knitted up a pair of stripey socks. There is something you should know about me. I hate colour changes. I am rubbish at it and instead admire colour changes in other peoples work. I have picked up a few tips though recently and so decided to attempt it with the very simple stripe. Glad I did as these might be my favourite pair. They have turned out a little smaller than the blue pair despite having the same rows. I think the stripes have changed my tension. They should still fit though.

So I have my first part of the set done. I plan to do some more in other colours. I'll just keep going until the yarn runs out. So I learned two tricks in the last few weeks. That's not including another class I took during the weekend away. You will just have to wait for that one though.

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