Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Fathers Day Socks.

A few months back my dad asked me to knit him some socks. He usually takes no interest in crafts done by myself or my mum which is why we never make him anything (handmade objects should only go to those who appreciate them). So I knitted him a pair in black as that was what he wanted. Knitting the largest size socks in black is a nightmare. I swore never again. Then he hinted at my mum to knit him another pair. At this point my mum had only knitted one pair of socks. I didn't want her to be put off them for life so decided to knit up a pair for his fathers day (yes I do realise it's a month away). As it was a present I felt that I should get to chose the colour. Or rather chose that they should actually have some colour. I found some Happy yarn by Wendy in my stash in colours sober enough to please my boring father. Brown in particular is not my colour and with grey, green and blue I didn't think I would enjoy it. Surprisingly I did. If you have never knitted with Happy before you should. It's so lovely and silky soft. It comes in 100g which is plenty for a pair of socks. Actually I managed to knit these socks and still have a little to spare. I was sure I would have to use another ball (my dad has large feet). I also surprised myself by enjoying the colour changes. I may even knit another pair for dad for Christmas, maybe.

Meanwhile I have moved on to Jedward. Hopefully my next post will explain all.

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