Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Gran's Birthday socks 1

I finished one of many gifts I have been working on. These socks are for my gran whose birthday is at the end of the month. They are the first of two pairs. I had planned to knit her some socks for her birthday for months. I just didn't know what colours to use or what pattern to do. Her favourite colour is green but I have knitted so many green things for her I though enough was enough. I then remembered this lovely lobster yarn in my stash by Colinette. It was in the very first batch of sock yarns I bought online after I knitted my very first pair. I loved the yarn but just didn't know what pattern to use it for. I knew it was too special to use on a basic sock which was why it was left forgotten for so long. Luckily my gran likes this colour too and the yarn itself is just so lovely to knit with. It feels like cotton but it's actually 100 % merino wool so it doesn't have that awful splitting cotton has.
The pattern I got from "Favourite Socks" which I have mentioned here before. As soon as I saw it I knew this was the pattern for my gran and the one for this yarn. It's called Meida's Socks and I shouldn't have been surprised to see they were designed by Nancy Bush. I love her designs and there is another pair by her in the book that I have on my to do list. I even have a couple of her books on my shelf. She is a fantastic designer and her patterns themselves are so easy to follow. When I decided to move on from the basic sock it was one of her designs I tried. The heel, gusset and toes are not much different from the basic pattern. If you have those down you can't fail to follow her instructions. I can't recommend her highly enough.

There is also no grafting involved in the toes. If you have a problem with that (which many people do, my mum included) then all the more reason to try it. I think though if I was knitting it myself I would graft the toe just so that it's a little wider. In the case of this pattern I would also use a larger set of needles. The design makes the sock a little tighter which is fine for my gran who has slim ankles. When I get round to knitting this for myself I will need the ankle to be slightly wider. It's easily fixed though and I am more than happy with the way they turned out. The heel I especially like as it will last longer than most.

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