Friday, 7 May 2010

There Is Something Wrong With Me!

I have had a number of finishes over the last few weeks. Lots of WIP slowly but surely finishing. The next logical step would be for me to finish up some of the others. Two of them I could finish within a week. I have socks to knit for my dad (one done and just started the other). I also promised a friend I would knit Jedward dolls which I did start and have almost finished one. But then guess what happened? I ordered yarn I needed to take with me to the knitting weekend. I am planning to knit a shawl for my gran for her Christmas. I thought the weekend would be a good time to work on it as there would be lots of help should I need it.

The yarn arrived at the start of the week. Look how pretty it is! I love the colour and I love the feel of Lorna's lace. What harm could it do to start the shawl? I decided it was only sensible to cast on and do a few rows. Give myself time to get to know the pattern a little so that I wouldn't be completely flummoxed when I was away.

So I cast on and decided I would just work till the end of the first pattern repeat on the chart. The yarn is so lovely and soft and it really is amazing to work with. I got to the end of the first repeat and then decided what harm could it do to work until the end of the chart. It was just one more repeat of the pattern. I then decided that since the rest is worked based on the last chart but you are adding to it that it was once again only sensible to do one more repeat. I did actually manage to leave it there. I honestly think I would have finished it by now and moved onto the border had I not torn myself away. Luckily I have 14 more pattern repeats to do. I think that will be plenty for the weekend.

I moved back to my dad's socks. I managed to get one sock done and casted on the second sock. It was late on Tuesday when I did this so only did the first couple of rows to get it going. The next day sister is over and I give her the throw I knitted using the sock yarn. I love the feel of it and the way it drapes (thankfully sister does too). I was almost sorry to have finished it.

As I plan to make three more of these for friends birthdays and I have the yarn for two I decided what harm could it do to cast on another. The problem is I don't want to work on the socks (which considering how much I love knitting socks is saying something) or the Jedward dolls. I want to keep going with this through. I love Happy yarn by Wendy. It's silky soft. Never mind the fact that the socks are also in Happy yarn. Every day I say okay today I work on.... and I pick up this instead.

Today I work on socks and tomorrow I finish one Jedward doll...maybe!

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