Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Crafting to York

 Can you guess where I was? Of course it helps that I may have mentioned it. Oh, and it's there in the title. Yes, I was in York last week. My dad kindly took me and my cousin away for a few days for my birthday. My first holiday since before I started my training. So excited about it. We planned to visit lots of quirky pubs (which we did, hic) and to tour some of the historical aspects of the city. I've been to York before and it is beautiful. I don't think I would ever get tired of it. My cousin and I were trying to hatch a plan to stay. It didn't work.

As well as the walking and the tasting of beverages I was looking forward to sampling some of the craft shops. My lovely cousin patiently came round these shops with me. Probably the most famous is the Ramshambles. A lovely little yarn shop which had a fantastic selection of sock yarn (of course I loved it). I could have spent all day in there. I also loved the fact that the lady who was behind the counter was knitting socks. They even had some lovely knitted socks on display. I spotted a flyer for Yarndale and of course I had to mention a certain lovely indie yarn dyer who is going to be there (yes you Lisa aka For the Love of Yarn). I did buy some yarn but you'll have to wait for my stash post.

The Viking Loom is another store I was looking forward to going into. Another lovely shop. Perfect for cross stitchers and quilters both. Don't be  deceived by the front of the store. Like the TARDIS it's bigger on the inside. When you get into the store front there are some lovely examples of local work and competitions. You go through a doorway and you end up in a room filled with cross stitch kits. My cousin even bought one of the kits as a gift for her mum. Then there is yet another doorway and this room is filled with fabric with stairs leading up to yet more fabric. A little treasure trove of a store. And yes I did buy something from there too.

There was a quilting museum but I could only subject my poor cousin to so much (although I am sure she would have good naturedly went along with me). Maybe next time.

There was a visit to York Museum which seemed never ending. Unlike the Jorvik Centre you are certainly getting your money out of your admission fee. Lots to see and it was quite interactive. If you are into museums and you go to York make it a place on your list to go. It had lots of example of embroidery in 18 and 1900's. I always like seeing these. I've seen examples of this type of embroidery in a few museums and I always try to take photo's of them.

These embroideries were done by middle class girls and ladies as a way of practising stitches. Nowadays we do these samplers for their decorative value rather than for the educational. I've done a couple myself, I think. I know I have a few Christmas samplers that I fancy doing.

Anyway, it was a great few days away and I even go some knitting done on the train. But shhhh, that's top secret too.

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