Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Blanket Club Month 7.

The plan is to try and give an update about the blanket club each month. I had planned to do that from day one but never managed it. Better late than never as they say. This months box came last week. Sadly my camera isn't doing it justice. It's a light teal which just happens to be one of my favourite colours. Each month Lisa also sends us a wee gift. I should really do a post just on these little gifts as a lot of thought goes into them. This months gift is a measuring tape in the form of a snail. I actually almost bought myself this very same tape a few months back. Glad I didn't now (although elves seem to steal and hoard all my tapes).

As I said, my camera isn't really doing the colour justice. The shade is really somewhere in between the two photographs. This months square is a traditional granny. Love a traditional granny. It always feels like coming home. You can never go wrong with it. Although, I do have to forcibly stop myself from continuing after the three rounds are done. Force of habit. I am the queen of the large granny. I have just been in the mood the last week or so to do these small projects and as a result I have almost finished my mum's squares for this month. No need to feel sad for me as I will have my own to do next. You can feel sorry for me when they are done.

I also caught up with my own squares. I had two months to go when I received the teal. I was tempted to just make a start on those but my will power held out. Two days of solid crochet and this is the end result. I am in love with those colours.

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