Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Yarn Blanket Club Update

 I think you can be forgiven if you don't remember that I am taking part in another crochet along. Well, actually, it's called a blanket club but I think it can be thought of as a crochet along to. I first mentioned it when I made my return to the blogging world back in February. The lovely Lisa set up a year long club. She sends us out scrummy yarn each month with a pattern crochet square pattern (as well as other goodies). It's now six months down the line and I have maybe mentioned it twice.

My mum and I are were doing this together and she was actually ahead of me before she was too tired and ill to carry on. Thanks to my good friend Lisa I have been keeping up with it. So here are all 6 months of my mum's squares.

Alas, that doesn't mean that I kept up with my own. I was over 3 months behind. Still on the green squares and only half way through them. Yesterday I was proud of myself for finishing month six of my mum's blanket. Then I get a hint that month seven is on its way out. So today I hunted out my squares and got to work.

I am now only 3 months behind (or just a little over 2). I finished the green and have made a start on the blue (which is my favourite colour so far - no surprises there).

I have been working on other things too but they have all taken a back seat to getting these little squares up to date. If you follow me on instagram you will probably have a better idea of what I've been up to. For everyone else, I promise that blog updates will still take place. Meanwhile I am about to put the kettle on for a much needed coffee and get back to those blue squares.


  1. I know I'm comment a long time after the post, but I've just heard about these and am hoping there's another one next year. How lovely of you to put your mum's before your own. They look amazing!

    1. Hi,

      my mum actually passed away a few months before this post. I kept going with her squares and plan to put them with mine to make one large blanket.

      Lisa has plans for another blanket club. This years was very different from the one in this post so it will be a surprise as to what format the next one will take.