Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Signing Up For More Sock Yarn!

Considering I have only managed to knit one pair of socks this year it's ridiculous that I keep adding to my sock yarn stash. And that one pair was only very recently. I have my sock mojo back though (to the detriment of my other ongoing projects) and my growing stash is the result. Having said that my recent purchase I bought with a plan. That book I mentioned in my last post has a lot of fabulous double knit socks with cables. I have one of those patterns on the pins just now. What I really wanted to see was a pair of cables in a solid cover. My poor mother is my guinea pig (I am sure she doesn't mind, she gets socks out of it). So I ordered some lovely red DK yarn from Wool Warehouse. I also ordered a 4ply red yarn for a nice lacey pattern I haven't even picked out yet.

I very rarely recommend yarn or crafty online stores other than those my friends have. I would recommend Wool Warehouse. Not only did it arrive very quickly. It also arrived in this mesh bag which will make a very handy project bag.

The problem with my talented friend Lisa is that she keeps coming up with these fab ideas and I can't say know. I blame lovely Lisa for my growing stash. I also blame my sock knitting friend Ginnie. When I was first learning to knit socks my friend (also known as the sock lady) would love to try different sock yarns. She would go out of her way to find the most unusual. She came across quite a few made from things you wouldn't believe and they always turned out lovely socks. One of those was the gradient yarn. I'm not sure it was called that from the place she got hers but basically it's a blanket of knitted yarn which is then painted. You then re-knit it into socks making it a surprise as to how it will turn out.

I was always going to do this but I left it so long that the place that my friend got hers from had very few colour selections none of which appealed to me. It comes back to me every now and then that I should go back and check but I never do. Then the lovely Lisa posts her knew yarn club and low and behold. It's a gradient yarn club. How could I say no? The good thing is that I always love Lisa's colourways so there will be no disappointment. I did steel this image from her facebook page. You can sign up for it there if you are interested.

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