Monday, 16 March 2015

Happy Mother's Day!

Okay, a day late but I hope everyone in the UK celebrating Mother's Day yesterday had a good one. I baked mum's favourite chocolate cheesecake and I made three cheese macaroni (following my mother's instructions). I have no good images of these so here is a picture of my lovely mum wearing her new top and jewellery instead.

I can also finally share this image with you. I ordered Lisa's Mother's Day box for my mum. Since I have a problem with holding back I had my mum open it as soon as it arrived. She loved it (as if there was any doubt) and has plans for this lovely yarn already. She also loved the candle and is happy that her For the Love of Yarn crochet hook collection is growing. Thank you lovely Lisa!

While I didn't make anything I coincidentally finished these socks for my mum yesterday. Again this uses some of Lisa's lovely yarn.

I decided that the colour changes were so short through the yarn that a pattern was in order. So I picked my favourite from Knitting On The Road by Nancy Bush. I have reviewed this book already and knitted this pattern many times.  I never get bored of it and I think it suited this yarn perfectly.

Sadly I don't have an image of the yarn when I received it (which was a lovely gift from Lisa). I had it wound and cast on the needles as soon as I got it. Instead here is a photo of the back of the sock which I love but you don't really get to see.

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