Sunday, 30 March 2014

My Cunning Mother's Day Plan!

When giving gifts to my mum or sister I love to theme them. It's part of the fun of gift giving. This year I thought of a good one for Mother's Day. It had a bit of humour to it involving an in joke between my mum, sister and I. Sadly I didn't give myself any time to do it. In fact I gave myself no time at all to give her anything handmade. Not even her card. Something I feel guilty about although my mum of course doesn't mind.

Still, I did manage a little bit of a theme, chocolate and knitting. For Christmas my mum got my sister and I these tins with different sayings on them. She matched the things inside to the sayings on the tin. I spotted this one and knew immediately that I would get that and put some of my mum's favourite chocolate inside. The plan was that the sock yarn would fit in there too. Alas, that wasn't meant to be. I thought she could then use it to keep her smaller knitting projects together.

This is where my cunning plan comes into play and that's to turn everyone into sock knitters. My mum has knitted a few socks now and had said she would maybe try her hand at a patterned sock. I had the spiral sock pattern in mind as a good one to ease in a beginner. Unfortunately the book that contained this particular pattern is also the one that I have been using a lot of. So I got my mum her first sock knitting book. Initially, the plan was to get her one that I didn't have so that it would feel that little bit more special but that proved to be problematic (I have lots). So in the end I went with my current favourite. I also picked up this regia sock yarn. I've knitted with it before (funnily enough using the spiral pattern) and I love it because it reminds me of Monet.

My plan may have worked since my mum has already went through the book and picked out half a dozen patterns she wants to try. So watch this space.

 I did manage to make her one thing. Banana bread with walnuts. She loves walnuts and it's something that I can make quickly while studying. I also managed a plain one for her to take to my gran's today.

This is purely to prove to myself that it is spring despite the freezing cold.

I hope all you lovely Mum's out there have a lovely day.

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