Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Pins I Love - Mothers Day!

I have an absolute cheek to be posting this. It's mothers day this Sunday and for once I have made my poor mum zilch. Not even her card is handmade. Don't worry, she is still getting a gift but none of it was the product of my fair hands.

However, I felt that I should link this weeks pinterest post into mothers day. Perhaps one or two of you will have the opportunity to make one of these items. Not a lot of time for you (unless you are American, pretty sure their Mothers day is later).

First up is this basket. I do like a crochet basket and for the most part they are fairly quick to make. I like this one because of the band of colour through it. It uses a moss stitch too which I have only ever used in knitting. It would be interesting to try it. It's a free download on a website called The Examiner. I have never heard of this website so don't know what it's like. I am assuming that the pattern is American though. You can click on the image for the link.

There are so many pretty patterns out there for dishclothes. Whey would you waste something you have spent time on making on dirty dishes? Especially when it's as pretty as these chevron dishclothes. Instead how about using them to make a facecloth for your mother. You could add bath goodies to tie it all up. You can buy this pattern from Etsy and was designed by seller knotsewcute (I like the name).

Unless you have nothing to do between now and Monday it's unlikely that you will manage these socks (although the super knitters among you might). I love the simplicity of this pattern all the way down until you get to the foot and then you have these beautiful mini cables. The great thing about a pattern like this is that you would want to use a solid colour in order to show it off. Variegated yarns would drown out the subtleties of it. This way you would get to pick your mother's favourite colour. The pattern is free on Knitty which is a great place for free patterns. 

This is probably something my sister would do rather than me. Decorating cups and mugs with sharpies is something I have seen a lot of on pinterest. This one is a little Christmassy so maybe not the best design to use. It's a good idea though and you could always design your own. Lova Blavarg gives a tutorial on how to do this. Since I have trouble writing on blood bottles (thank goodness for stickers) I know that drawing on a rounded medium is out.

Lastly, why not some baking? This is a coffee and walnut cake and looks amazing. I have a few baking pins but I chose this one because it's linked to a fab site and my mum would love this since she adores coffee and walnuts. As I said the website is fab because it is FILLED with cake recipes. The blog it comes from has the appropriate name of The Cake Blog. Go check it out!

In the meantime please don't feel too sorry for my mum. I think I have picked her out a nice present even if I didn't make it.

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