Sunday, 11 August 2013


These are old photo's from before last Christmas. As I have started socks for this Christmas I thought it was time that I finally posted these.

I posted these ones in a previous post when I talked about the book they came from, The Big Book Of Socks by Kathleen Taylor. This was the sock wool I thought was going to make the ugliest socks in the world. Surprisingly I quite like the end result. More importantly my sister loved them.

This pair though has to be my favourite. These were for my gran. The yarn is by regia but I forget the name of the colourway. It reminded me of something from Monet. The lovely Dawn from the knitting group was using this yarn for socks for a friend and I had to go out and get some for myself. Another friend had the same idea and did the same thing. The spiral pattern I think sets off the colours of the yarn. I am very tempted to get some of this yarn to knit socks for myself.

Mum and dad also received some socks with the same pattern. My dad's was the blue and grey pair. I wish I could remember the yarn type as I loved knitting with it. It had a nice feel to it. The ones for my mum I am still not sure about. It was also by regia but had too much brown in it for my liking. I was very tempted to knit them again but with different yarn but my sister convinced me to stick with it. I am still unsure, however, my mum liked them.

I loved knitting this pattern which is why I decided to knit them for everyone. I liked the idea of knitting the same pattern with different yarns to see the effect. I managed to make the pattern suit each person they were knitted for. I think I will be doing that again in the future. If anyone is looking to move beyond the basic sock pattern this particular one is perfect. It has the basic pattern with a simple six row repeat. Very easy to follow and easy to track.

Something I have yet to learn is to hold onto my ball bands in order to remember my favourite yarns. I am in the process of reorganising and decorating my organiser (something for a future post) and this will give me a way of keeping them. So hopefully I will be more informative in future.

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