Sunday, 10 October 2010

Square throw finally finished

I finished knitting this throw last week. I just needed to block it before I could photograph it. Even after blocking the edges are curling slightly. I know why it's doing that though. I cast off at an increase row when I should have done it the previous row or the next one. It didn't occur to me until I realised that blocking wasn't working as it should. Not to worry it still turned out and hopefully mum will still like it. She has a square table in her room that she has been trying to get a table clothe for. I am going to suggest she uses this as it's the right shape and it's thin enough since it's knitted using sock yarn.

I had plans for more of these square barn throws but I think I will be bored doing it again. Two is enough. I am not bored with blankets and throws in general though. I have more projects in mind for the future. For now though it's back to Christmas projects. I am almost finished the bulk of a shawl for my gran. I will start the border this week. Plus everyone can expect socks for their Christmas.

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