Saturday, 9 October 2010

Sock lesson anyone?

A completed sock by one of my friends! To be fair this isn't her first sock, just her first toe-up sock. Still I am just pleased that I was actually able to pass something on. I have tutored before and helped out before but mostly to beginners. It's a bit different when those you are teaching are already experienced knitters. They can knit so you know that if they don't get it it's down to your teaching skills and not their ability. The next challenge would be to teach a complete beginner cuff down. Or maybe to teach a non knitter to knit. Anyone want a knitting lesson?

I should probably point out that my friends toe-up sock is so neat (a lot neater than the first toe-up sock I did). She is indeed a talented knitter. Her first cuff down sock was also tidier than my first attempt.

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