Thursday, 12 August 2010

Craft Fair

A friend of mine does a lot of craft fairs. She doesn't want to pay the large amounts some organisations charge for a table. She had tried it and she is usually lucky to break even (not including the cost of supplies). So being the super organiser that she is she has decided to organise one of her own. She still charges for the tables (although not quite as much) but the money left after hall hire goes to charity. There is also a £1 entry charge but that also goes to charity. The first one is on Saturday 4th September and I have agreed to take part. So I am working my ass off at the moment trying to get enough things done for then.

The photograph above is a sample of the cards I plan on selling. I decided to use what I learned at my class on Tuesday. All my own design mind you. I will also be selling my sock key rings and with luck baby sock sets. Only one stall is left empty and since the shout out for those only started yesterday I think we will have a full hall of crafty vendors. So if you are in Shawlands that day come along to the Kirk church hall between 11.00am and 4pm and give me a wave.

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