Saturday, 2 July 2016

Colour Inspiration - Red

 This is my first colour themed post and it seemed apt that I should base the first one around the colour red. My mum was well known for her love of this colour. She would sometimes dress from head to toe in red. She would have had the whole house decorated in it if she could have. Myself, I was not always a fan but in the last few years I have grown to appreciate it and in fact have surprised myself by gravitating towards it. It's both bold and vibrant and I actually do enjoy working with this colour.

As a result I actually have a fair amount of red in my stash. As you can see above I already own a fair amount of red in my sock yarn stash. The first two are hand dyed yarn. I think this is quite a hard colour to get right when hand dying. Not that I have any experience in it. However, I imagine it would be so easy for it to turn out pink rather than red. The first is by my good friend Lisa of For the Love of Yarn. The second is by Jillian of Mothy and the Squid. Unusual for me in that they are solid colours and I think a nice bold pattern would be suited to them. I also have a selection of 4ply yarns by Patons and Debbie Bliss. I bought these with my mum in mind. Not traditionally sock yarn as you can see but that's what they will be used for. These will knit up a little thicker than the hand dyed which is perfect for winter socks or for under boots without having to pick up DK or Aran.

My fabric stash is rather limited and I won't be able to do this every month but I have picked up a few in reds. My living room is going to be in blues with a touch of red and with that in mind I had picked this up months ago. So long ago that I can't remember where I got the top one from. I can tell you that it is from a series called 'Little Red Riding Hood' by Riley Blake. It's quite pretty and of course I love any design with mushrooms or toadstools. This print is available with other background colours including blue. I think though that it stands out more against the white. The bottom fabric is by Liberty fabrics (I love Liberty Fabrics) and I picked this up from Mandors. These along with some pale blue might eventually become cushion covers.

I do have some washi tape in reds. Like the fabric though I have not kept note of where I got it from. With the fabric I probably should have but I'm never going to do that with washi tape. Instead I thought I would pick out a couple from places I have shopped from. The top two is from Unwrap colour and I picked up some tape from them recently. The stars I love because it's a foil washi tape. That is something that I don't have in my collection. The bottom two are from Fox and Star, a stationary shop that I love but don't buy from much. Only because I tend to buy most of my notebooks in person (far too many notebooks). I have a red stripy tape in my collection which I am sure I did get from Fox and Star. The little star flowers though is now on my radar. It is very much like a sashiko embroidery pattern. I have shopped at both stores and the images of the tape have always matched what arrives through the post.

The final image is from the garden. Sadly there aren't as many red flowers in there this year. Just one solitary red tulip. I have plans to change that for next year. I have a spring selection of red flowers and I look forward to planting them and watching them grow.

 I also love red with other colours. It goes well with my favourite colour, blue. This combination was all the fad a few years ago. It's maybe waining a little but I still love them together and that's my colour choices for my living room. If you head over the my Pinterest board you will see examples of these colours combined.

Lastly, something I have always liked is redwork. It became popular back in the 1800s and is still liked today. It's like blackwork but instead you are working entirely with red thread. I always meant to do something along those lines with my own design. Now that I have my own space it's the perfect opportunity.

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