Wednesday, 6 July 2016

June Socks - Basic Sock

I had absolutely no intentions of knitting up yet another basic sock for June. I had a pattern picked out. Unfortunately, the month ran away with me and if I wanted to keep to a pair of socks a month then I was going to have to rethink what I was doing. So I resigned myself to using the basic pattern once again. On the plus side I got to pick out a pretty yarn to make up for it.

This rainbow yarn immediately jumped out from my stash. I love the striping effect all through the socks. I even love the way it pooled when working on the gusset. It almost reminds me of the rainbow effect of oil in puddles. Or even bubbles just before they are about to burst.

The yarn is dyed by Owl About Yarn. You can find her on etsy. I bought this yarn a while ago and then picked it up for my fibreshare partner even before I had worked with it myself. It was beautiful to knit with and has a little sparkle in it too. It's a Merino/nylon/Stellina blend and knits up well. I actually think this would have made lovely socks with the Broken Seed socks and I might have enough leftover to do some ankle socks for my sister. It pays to have tiny feet people.

The reason I am so behind is the same reason I have been absent here. Moving into my flat. However, I have discovered that my breakfast bar makes a fantastic yarn winding station.

I have already started on July's socks and while the yarn isn't fancy the pattern is. It's not the pattern I had originally planned and there is a whole reason for that which has to do with August's socks. Unfortunately you'll have to wait and see on that one.

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