Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Mum's Garden March 2016

I have decided that each month I am going to bore you with images from my mum's garden. I'm getting excited over the fact that things that I have planted are now growing and so I want to share. I have a feeling that even when I move I will be over regularly to try to maintain it. The crocuses I can't take any credit for my mum must have planted these although I don't remember them being in bloom last year. These purple ones and the snowdrop were hidden under a shrub. I just missed an image of a large bee in the centre of the flower to the right. Obviously, it heard me coming.

This solitary white crocus was next to the fence amid a host of purple. I think it stands out all the more because of it. I think during the autumn I will have to plant more bulbs for next year.7

Do you remember my mum's tulips last year? My mum bought the bulbs in Amsterdam and the blooms were beautiful. With some advice I tried to rescue the bulbs to use again so that they would bloom this year. I didn't plant them and I thought for sure they would need binning. When I went into the shed to get out the tools I looked and saw that the bulbs were starting to sprout. I popped some of them into a pot with some fresh soil to see what would happen.

They started to grow! It doesn't seem like a lot in this image but this was taken a couple of weeks ago. The leaves are much more prominent now and taller. I hope they flower as well as they did last year. It will be interesting to see. I can't wait for colour to return to mum's garden again.

These were bulbs that I planted last year. I have no idea what they are. I just remember that they didn't grow. Well, they are growing now and I look froward to seeing what they become.

I also planted some seeds to grow on the window ledge before they are ready for outdoors. The petunia's weren't one of them. It's still too early for them, next month I think. I planted the two beneath which are Atirrhinum's and Dahlia's. Dahlia's will attract the bees.

Which is good since they are the ones which have started to sprout. No sign of the other pots sprouting but there is still time.

I bought and planted some other bulbs. I planted Lily's and Peacock Orchids to the front of the garden as it seems a little bare of colour just now. My mum loved the Lily's and I liked the little white flower of the Orchids. No sunflowers this year so there will be plenty of space. I picked the Dahlia's for it's deep red colour.

I couldn't resist this little heather shrub. Our other Heather shrub is looking a little worn and this is brightening up the place already. Hopefully it will do okay. I don't have much luck with plants that are already grown.

I also decided to expand my mum's rockery and added a few more plants to it. This is my favourite. It's called a Primula Victoriana Gold Lace. I am hoping this one will thrive (still waiting for the heather I planted to make any sort of an appearance).

There are already a lot of yellow flowers in the rockery so I picked this Mossy Saxifrage. I like it for it's star shaped flowers.

 Last but not least, this little plant is an Aubrieta. The blooms should be a deep pink. I think it looks rather interesting as it is. Fingers crossed the survive my dad. I am sure I mentioned before that when my mum first planted her rockery my dad came in all pleased with himself. Said that he had got rid of all the weeds from the side. Those weeds were my mum's rockery plants which had just been planted that day.

Some of the other rockery plants are growing back with the spring with a few crocuses among them. My dad asked if I was going to get rid of the bits (his words) round the purple flowers. He has since been warned to leave them well alone. Especially since little yellow flowers have begun to appear.

Finally I leave you with my favourite image of one of those purple crocuses. To the left of the flower you will see little shoots of green peeking into the photo belonging to one of the plants my dad felt should be destroyed.

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