Friday, 6 November 2015

Christmas Countdown Week 3 - Advent Calendars

I love an advent calendar. It is my personal belief that you are never too old for one. I have always wanted to make one but never found the time or the design I really wanted. It's too early for advent calendars but not too early to start making them.

This one is by Ruffled Sunshine and looks fairly simple to make. You are also limited to what items to put in there so it shouldn't break the bank either. You can also make it your own by choosing your own colours and little motifs for each pocket. This blog also has a lot of good ideas for different holiday crafts which involve the kids so worth giving it a visit.

I love this one because each of the little decorations is found in the pockets and you hang it on the tree each day. It's a kit which you can by from etsy seller Sesame Seed Designs so you also get the bonus of making it yourself. Not chocolate or gift related but one that would never get boring and can be handed down the family.

Any craft that involves jars I tend to love. This one seems quite simple and the little pockets are big enough to hold one sweet. It means you can chose your favourite sweets but it does mean that it might not last for the following year. You would have to be careful with the cardboard pockets. This one is by family crafts.

This one is fairly simple too. It uses toddler sized mittens, some printed card and some string. If you have lots of odd mittens it's a good way of recycling them. Or if you have family who have outgrown mittens you can recycle those too. Failing that you could scour charity shops. I think this is for people who want to make their own advent calendar but don't have a lot of time to spend on it. This is by HGTV

If you find a tree decoration that you like you can also make your own. I'm thinking of the stocking pattern from my first Christmas countdown post. The free pattern by Little Cotton Rabbits would make a cute garland advent calendar.

This one is quite possibly my favourite. It's more personal and I think it's one for the grown ups. It would be a fab gift for a friend. I think my sister would love this (although she might love the lego advent calendar I got her more). I can definitely see myself making this one. It's by the Thinking Closet.

Most of these ideas can be found on my tutorial links page. And all of these images belong to the linked websites.

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