Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Basic Socks

I finished these socks a few weeks back. These are for my sister. I am thinking that I will give them for her Christmas. I've decided to create a Christmas box this year where everyone gets a new pair of pyjama's and a pair of socks knitted by me. That's if I can hold on to these long enough. I might end up giving them to her earlier.

The real reason for knitting these socks was that a friends mum was wanting to learn how to knit them. I sent her some yarn, a set of needles and my adapted pattern for the basic sock. She got stuck at the heel though and I knitted theses up in order to be able to provide a cheat sheet for that. I think it worked as my friend has since told me her mum is almost finished.

The heel is actually my favourite part of the sock. If you are using a variegated yarn as I did it's fun to see how the striping changes. It's also at that point that you feel that you actually have a sock on your pins. Even when you are knitting a basic pattern for the umpteenth time it's still interesting to see it form.

The yarn I used was thee ciao by Mondial that I bought in York. These colours will be perfect for my sister (although, I have a feeling that I have knitted with a similar colourway in the past). The yarn feels just like regia sock yarn so will feel nice and cosy (the reds and pinks will become a pair of socks for myself).

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