Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Group Work

This is another blog post where I rave about the talent and generosity of my friends. First of all my wee mum has been poorly. Our knitting group sent her beautiful flowers to let her know they were thinking of her. THEN they got together and made her this beautiful quilt as a group. Obviously taking my mum's favourite colour into consideration.

 Not everyone in the group are quilters and so those who don't quilt attached buttons which added a lovely personal touch. I'm not going to tell the whole story as Helen tells it much better on the blog. I just couldn't not let this go without showing it off.

It has become a prized possession. My mum has always wanted her very own quilt.

You will see on the same post another group project. One of our members emigrated to Australia recently. We all made squares in order to make a blanket as a little memento. I contributed a few squares to this one. My favourite is the top one. This is the pattern I have used for my blanket but I stuck with the one colour. I quite like it without the colour changes too. Would be tempted to make one entirely in cream.

Last but not least, the lovely Lisa behind For the Love of Yarn now has her own studio. Some of her customers have been sending her in items to decorate the place. She asked us to make her some squares (with a specific pattern in mind) and each square would enter the person into a giveaway. I would have done it without the giveaway as I quite liked the pattern and well, it's Lisa. I attempted one square with lots of colour changes but didn't actually like it. I then made another, which is in the picture, with just two colours and I liked it a little better. The ones I really liked are the ones with just one colour. What is wrong with me? I have went from 'all the colours' to hardly any. Regardless, it will be interesting to see what Lisa plans to do with them.

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