Thursday, 26 March 2015

Mission to Mars

It would seem there is creativity in both sides of the family (well, I already knew that but that's another story). While in hospital my wee mum was pretty bored much of the time. There isn't much she could talk to visitors about. So she mentioned that she had read about all these people who had been signing up for a one way trip to Mars. My dad latched onto this and had been telling her that he was signing her up for the trip. Every day he would update her on this and one day he told her good news, she had a seat. My mum just called him a daft so and so. I suggested that he should make her a ticket but that was a good few weeks ago and it had been forgotten about. Or so I thought.

This morning my dad calls me in to show me this envelope he had addressed to mum with the NASA and Ministry of Defence logo. I had to take it into mum with the rest of the post so that she wouldn't catch on. My mum however, is not daft and the air was blue before she even opened the envelope.

You have to admire his craftsmanship here. He clearly put a lot of work into it. Including adding an advert for ensuring you can keep in touch while travel. Not sure her phone would get a signal there. It also included her passport number which I have blanked out for obvious reasons.

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