Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Mug Cosies!

Two of my uni friends wanted to do Christmas presents this year. Nothing big because we are all on budgets but just a little thing. It's our last Christmas as students together so we wanted to do something for it. I wanted to make something for them. They never really see the crafting side of me and I think I know them well enough to know they would actually quite like that (not everyone appreciates a handmade gift). I was stumped for ideas though when my lovely friend Lisa suggested mug hugs. I thought this was a fab idea. I had never done one before but always wanted to. So this gave me the perfect excuse. Plus I figured I could fill the mugs with chocolate and relaxing tea since we have three huge essays to do over the Christmas break.

I didn't follow a pattern as I like to make things difficult for myself. Plus I thought it would be difficult to get the pattern to fit the mug. Really I didn't want to be the crazy lady measuring mugs in the shop because I would end up doing that. Once I just did a prototype and decided from there how wide it should be before making the actual mug cosies. The colours I picked out were to give it a winter theme. I didn't want Christmas as I wanted them to be able to use them all year round. So I thought going for wintery colours instead would be a nice compromise. Plus I kind of like those colours.

I am aware I said two uni friends. That third mug is for my gran. I filled it up with some chocolates and left out the hot chocolate as I'm not sure she likes it.

I also said I wanted to give put relaxing teas in there but I had a hard time finding individually wrapped tea bags in the flavours I wanted. As I hovered round the tea section I had one of those eureka moments when I realised that they might prefer hot chocolate anyway. I myself don't like hot chocolate which is why it took me so long to have that epiphany.

I then wrapped them and added these little tags I stitched up. These were part of a free kit from Cross Stitcher. They seem to give you a free tag set every year and I don't normally bother with them. I loved the wee houses though. The next thing I knew I had stitched up the gingerbread men too. I think they are just the right size for the mugs.

I still have a few Christmas gifts to finish but I am right on track. This might be the first year I won't be finishing anything on Christmas Eve. Fingers crossed.

The mug cosy pattern is my own. It's pretty simple and I am sure there are a few almost exactly the same kicking about. If anyone would like me to write it up though just let me know and I'll do that.


  1. These are lovely and such thoughtful gifts. I love the little gift tags too.

  2. Aww, thank you. Hopefully they will like them. They have both been off sick so they won't get them until after Christmas now.