Sunday, 29 December 2013

2014 Bucket List!

So this is my crafting bucket list for next year. That's not to say that any of these will get done. It's my last year in uni and it's going to be a tough one. Really this is just what I would like to do in an ideal world. If I manage one or two I will be very happy. I should point out at this point that none of these images are mind. If you click on them though it will take you to the source of the image.

Sock Drawer

Look how beautiful this is! All hand knitted socks. I want my sock drawer to be like this. For that I would have to knit socks almost exclusively for myself for at least a year. I have tried that before and it didn't happen. Plus look at all those colour work socks. I think those are my favourites. Last year I think I made myself one pair of socks.  Not to worry though, I currently have two pairs on the go that are for myself. Not to mention the beautiful sock yarn I mentioned the other day. So this year I will get three pairs. I hope to make myself at least one pair done in colour work. Fingers crossed!

Colour Work Socks

No offence to the person who knitted these but this isn't the best image in the world. However, you get the idea. I want to try my hand at more colour work. The truth is that my friend Isabel has been more adventurous in her sock knitting since I taught her a few months ago. You should see the beautiful patterns she is knitting up. Taking a leaf out her book I am going to do some colour work. These Nordic socks come from the same book that contains the easy lace sock pattern. I don't know if they will be my first attempt at colour work but I think these will be my families Christmas socks. I can't wait to try them in different colour combinations.

Adventurous Crochet

How beautiful is this blanket? Sadly I very rarely move away from the granny square. I have admired many a blanket on instagram and this has been one of them. The link on the photo will take you to the ravelry page and the pattern if you are interested. Like with the socks, I don't know if I will be trying this very pattern but I do want to try something other than the granny type pattern (as much as I love it).

Mandala Rug - t-shirt yarn

Next year I am also hoping to have my own place. Since I won't get my registration until I finish in September I know this might be a pipe dream and the reality is that it might be 2015. That doesn't stop me preparing. I already have colour schemes worked out and various projects I want to do in preparation. One of which is this Mandala Rug. It would also be a step away from the granny since this is also done in crochet. It also involves using Zpaggetti which is a brand of yarn made from t-shirts. The colours will be pale blue with round or two of red. Mainly pale blue though. This is at the top of my list and will definitely get done.

Granny Blanket

Mug Rugs

I love quilts and admire my talented friends who can make them. I have always wanted to do this myself. Sadly quilting eats up both money and time. Two things I don't have a lot of. So it will have to stay on my 'one day' list. Mug Rugs have come to my attention thanks to pinterest. Mug rugs are mini quilts which are just big enough for a coffee mug and a wee tea plate. These actually inspired me to create this bucket list in the first place. I don't think I could do anything as complex as this fox one on my first attempt. However, a friend has volunteered to show me how to make one. I even have an idea of a design of my own should my first attempt prove successful.


I also have some Christmas items on my bucket list. Not going to add photo's as I think I am probably being adventurous here. I do want to make a gingerbread house. I have always wanted to make one of those and I found a recipe by Mary Berry that will come in handy next year. The fun bit will be decorating it as I am not the best when it comes to cake decorating.

More Christmas baking, I actually want to make my own Christmas chocolates and maybe give them out as gifts. I have a few recipes for those too. I was supposed to play about with flavours to make Christmas Macarons. That didn't happen due to course work. However, I would like to do that next year. I would also like to have a go at making my own mulled wine and festive cider. I may be optimistic on how much time I expect to have in my first year as an RN.

My Christmas tags went down a treat this year. Even my dad asked my mum to make sure his was saved. If you knew my dad you would know how unlike him that is. Other than the socks I make for him he sees crafts as a waste of time. So next year I want to make more. As I tidied for Christmas I found one of last years Cross Stitcher with some tag designs. I still love the little blue houses though so I see them making a return. Perhaps I will make them in different colours. Christmas cards for family is also on there. I learned this year that the trick is to go small and simple. We will see if it happens next year.


I also have a huge pile of unfinished crafts to finish that I would like done. For example, I have two charity projects. I started a scarf and a baby blanket for my friends charity which has remained untouched since the initial cast on. I have a large snuggly blanket to finish that has been sitting in my wardrobe for about 3 or 4 years now. It's a quick knit too so really there is no excuse for it. Not to mention a birthday present that is already months late.

I have my sister's Easter project already started (for those of you who might not know we make each other presents every Easter). This year I am making something from a project my sister and I are doing together. I can't say too much about it as my sister occasionally reads my blog (not that I object to that, just don't want to spoil the surprise). Of course she will also get socks too. She would be disappointed/irate if she didn't get those.

I think I could add to this list all day. I have a few craft books that I have picked up over the last year or so. I don't buy as many as I used to so I take care when I do buy them. I would quite like to do something from each of them. This list is huge enough though. And, like I said earlier, I will be lucky if I do half of these things.

Do any of you have a bucket list? Would be interested to hear what projects you are looking forward to next year.

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