Monday, 6 April 2015

Happy Easter

I hope everyone had a good Easter. Here at our household we are all about the chocolate and the Easter treats so I hope everyone had a chocolate filled day. I can't take credit for the Easter cake. My sister brought baked it at home and then decorated it at our house. The base was a lovely, lemon sponge. Tasted lovely as well as looked lovely.

The day before mum and I made dumpling. Or rather mum attempted to teach me how to make her famous dumpling.

Thanks to the vegetable suit this is one bowl and spoon you don't want to lick after baking. I had to make sure that all the flour was away. I was sorely tempted to use my hands.

Mum has a clootie dumpling cloth which was given to her by her mum. You wrap the dumpling in the cloth and make sure there are no gaps. You also give it a little bit of room so that it has space to expand.

It then simmers away for a few hours until done.

It's a little paler than when my mum makes it. It should be a lot darker than this. I've been told that it tastes okay though.

I think that this was the culprit. I didn't put enough treacle in which isn't like me. I would normally go over board with my flavourings. I will be able to get more practise in though as I accidentally bought too much suet and we already had enough at home. No excuses then.

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