Sunday, 26 April 2015

Last Week I Planted a Tree

I really did. My mum was sent a lavender tree from her friends at work. Mum is known to love her garden. The good thing about being sent a plant is that she can keep it. Which meant I had to re pot it with no instructions. I didn't want it to die before my mum even got the chance to see it. I picked out the biggest pot we had available at that time and it was just as well. The poor roots were all squashed to the sides. For now they have a little room to breath. A week on it is still with us.

I also planted these Nasturtium's that my mum likes to have in her hanging baskets. No sign of growth yet but as they are just little seeds I need to be patient.

Her tulips are looking lovely too. The pack of bulbs were mixed and supposed to be a whole range of colours. Not just red and yellow. Still they are pretty, even if they don't last long.

I love how they close up again at night.

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