Monday, 23 June 2014

Stripey Father's Day Socks!

All my photo's have successfully loaded onto my virus free laptop so I can finally share the socks I knitted my dad. Normally I'm not bothered about the socks that I knit for him. He likes plain colours and they aren't the most exciting to knit. Especially since it involves so much more knitting than when I knit for someone like my sister (who likes FUN colours).

The plan this time was to knit him socks that were actually fun to knit. I was aiming for a nice cable but in the end I came to the realisation that it wasn't going to happen. I didn't have enough time to search out a pattern I liked, that was manly enough and that could be adapted for his ginormous feet. Actually that was the problem. I spent too much time searching which didn't leave enough time to knit them assuming that I did eventually find a pattern. So I then decided on stripes. As I have stated a number of times I love a stripe and so I enjoyed knitting them.

I chose muted colours since it was for my dad. I picked out an ivory and a nice charcoal grey. I did think that I would be a little bored with these colours but I actually like them. So much so that I have some yarn left and I am hoping that I might manage a pair for myself. Just don't tell my dad we will have matching socks or I will never hear the end of it. He might take it as a sign that we are similar and I can't have that.

The downside to knitting stripes is that it doesn't travel well at the start of each round. You can see the result of that in the above photo. I was fully aware that this would happen so made sure it was to the back of the sock. There is a way to solve it but as I said earlier time was not my friend. So the next stripey pair I knit (and there will be more) will be done so that this doesn't happen. I have the tips in a magazine. I just need to find the issue it was in. Wish me luck on that one.

As for the yarn itself, it would seem that I didn't take a photo of it. I was probably too eager to get started. However, I do have the same yarn in other colours and you can see it above. The ivory is the same but the bright pink is obviously for my pink loving sister. The yarn is by The Women's Institute and is sold exclusively to Hobbycraft. Obviously I went with the 4ply since I was knitting a plain sock. Having said that it is a little thicker than your average sock yarn and so I had to go down a sock size. It's lovely to knit with though and feels almost like a cotton. It's so soft. It can be a little splitty to work with but that's easily managed and the end result is worth it. It's also not a bad price for 100g. I recommend it.

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