Sunday, 8 June 2014

Pins I Love - Father's Day.

Do you know how hard it is to find anything on pinterest that is Father's Day related? Unless of course you are five and making your first father's day projects. Then there is an over abundance of ideas and tutorials. Once you hit your teens (and I am WAY past my teens) it just becomes embarrassing for the most part. I am basically scraping the barrel with this post. However, I didn't want dad's to be left out since Mother's day got a look in. To be honest it isn't just that there is a lack of projects. When you have a father who does not appreciate crafts anyway it makes it that more difficult to choose. I can safely say my dad wouldn't thank you for most of these.

He especially wouldn't thank you for ransacking his ties! Have to say these particular ties are ugly (in my humble opinion). If my dad had ties like this I would be doing the world a favour by preventing him from leaving the house wearing them. Having said that I do like the idea of it. Using old ties to create a fun pillow or cushion.  It looks like it's from a generic 'how to' site but the instructions on how to make one are all there.

These coasters are pretty nifty.  I would actually quite like them myself. Using scrabble tiles means you can spell out whatever you want within the confines of four letter words. There is even the minutest chance that my dad would actually use them. There is the even bigger chance that dad would get given something else instead as I keep them for me. It's another tutorial this time on a blog called Domestic for Dummies. It hasn't been updated in about a month but might be worth checking out anyway.

 Another shout out to the decorated mug. What I like about this tutorial is that it shows you how to get rid of those awful streaks that can occur when using pen. This blog seems to use pens made for porcelain which might work better than the sharpies (sharpies do no stay on mugs even if you bake them). Again not something my dad would appreciate. It doesn't matter how many mugs you get him. He still uses everyone else's and breaks them while his act as dust collectors. This particular blog hasn't been updated since 2011 so I'm not even going to link it. The tutorial though is linked through the image and you could access the blog that way if you are curious.

At last! Something my dad would actually like. Socks! It's a fairly simple pattern which can be found on the craftsy website. The pattern looks like little bricks and it comes in both male and female sizes. It is actually difficult to find pattern for men. Most socks found on line seem to cater only to female sizes. Possible because they are quicker to knit. Sadly the pattern isn't free but it was actually designed by a solo crafter. I always think it's worthwhile paying for a pattern you like if it means you are helping someone who is a solo designer.

Lastly, I quite like these printables for jar lids. I think they are quite cute and could be adapted for anyone. I happen to have a few female friends who love most things with printed moustaches. Plus you can fill the jars with anything you wanted. The printables are free and you can access them by clicking on the image. It comes from a blog called Popsicle which is still being updated.

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