Monday, 2 June 2014

Pins I Love - Gotta Love a Stripe!

As promised, some stripe love in this weeks pins I love post. I actually didn't have as many stripey items on pinterest as I thought. I will rectify this in the future. However, I still had plenty to chose from for the purposes of this post.

The one I am starting with is kind of a cheat. Does pinstripe count? It's still a stripe if a subtle one so I am going to say yes. Plus I love this skirt. There is no pattern sadly but you can purchase it from etsy seller  Ma chemise d'homme. She upcycles menswear into women's clothing and sells them on her online store. This skirt (in case you can't tell) has been made from a pair of men's trousers. I think it looks better as a skirt.

I love this baby blanket. It's more of a wave but it's so sweet. I love the yarn used. It looks like a cotton from the image but it's actually merino. I also quite like the colours. I wouldn't have though gold to be a great choice but it works. Plus it's also not your stereotypical baby colours which give it extra appeal. This pattern is free to download on ravelry and was designed by Laurence Meriat.

I saw this on pinterest last night and instantly fell in love with it. So much so I immediately went to ravelry to see if I could download the pattern. It didn't have to be free I would have happily paid for it. Alas this is a test knit so there is no pattern available as yet. It was designed by Mairlynd who has sent it out to various knitters for testing. I will most definitely be watching for it. The designer also has a blog which I am linking.

I actually saw these mitts about a year ago. However, I pinned them again today as I couldn't find them on any of my boards. Which makes me think I saw them on facebook. Anyway. These are lovely crochet fingerless mitts. There are a few things I love about them. First of all it looks like it uses fairly simple stitches. Second the stripes and third the buttons. I would make these just for the buttons alone. The good news is that this is a free pattern and the author has even provided a tutorial on her blog.  Her blog is called Cherry Heart and there are lots of yummy crochet images on there.

Of course I am going to have a stripey sock on here. I wouldn't be me if I didn't. These are actually boys socks but I am sure that they can be adapted to fit an adult.You can't see it here but the leg of the sock is done entirely in rib (rather than just the cuff). I imaging this is to stop them falling down but it does have a nice effect on the pattern. Also the stripes are done in single rounds (the ones I am doing are in double). It gives it a nice effect and I have to admit at first I wasn't sure if it was a self striping yarn because of it. The patter itself is on Purl Bee which I am sure I have linked to before.

So that's my ode to the stripe. I have done a few stripey things myself in the past and there are loads of stripey possibilities on pinterest. So I have no doubt that somewhere down the line there will be more.

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