Saturday, 28 June 2014

Pins I Love - Rainbows!

It has been a few weeks since I did a pins I love post. Time is not my friend just now. I had planned to do one today. Just not this one. The one I had planned had no colour. However, it is a dull and grey day here in Glasgow so I killed that one (it will get done another time). I need lots of colour and really there is nothing brighter than a rainbow. Anyone who says they don't like a rainbow is either lying or dead inside. Me I LOVE a rainbow.

I thought I would start with this simple one. I think a beginner could do it. It would be a perfect project for someone learning to crochet. It also won't take to long. Maybe just a little bit of patience in sewing in those ends. It would also brighten up your day. If you have an early start and need a coffee to go you would have the added bonus of this rainbow cuff to cheer you up. Also the knowledge of helping the environment just a little. This is a free tutorial and can be found on a craft website. As always the images link straight to the pages they were found. It is written in US crochet terms but would be easy enough to translate.

Most people who crochet will recognise this straight away. It is of course the famous granny stripe blanket by Lucy of Attic24. The link via the image will take you straight to the tutorial (a British tutorial). It's the one I used for my mood blanket many moons ago (or so it feels). Attic24 is famous for rainbow crochet. So much so you can buy the Lucy Stylecraft pack on some yarn websites. Something I have planned to do but yet to do.

Another crochet rainbow and another free tutorial. I think this is a US one again. I have to say that crochet socks are not my favourite thing to do but I do like the outcome of these. They were designed by blogger Rina of Oomanoot.  I am not familiar with this blog but after a quick perusal it seems like a good one for people who like a variety of crafts.

Not a tutorial and not crochet this time. I just thought this one should be shown. I love a quilt and thought this one was rather pretty. I liked the reverse use of the rainbows. This was done using a jelly roll. Quilters have to be amazed that I actually know what that is. This was stitched by blogger Basildon Kitchens. Lots of lovely photography there so worth having a look.

Lastly I thought I would pick out a more subtle rainbow. Another one involving stitching but this one also comes with a free tutorial. I think this would be easy for sewing beginners too. It's a tutorial on how to brighten up your dish towels. I can see myself doing this and I think it would be rather quick to do. This was posted by blogger Cheryl of A Pretty Cool Life. She seems to love colour and she bakes. Well worth checking out!

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