Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Flower Power!

These coasters were actually supposed to be cards. That is according to the free kit that came with crossstitcher a few months back. I loved the colours and the retro style of the flowers but didn't fancy doing the cards. So I turned them into coasters instead.

I had to leave out the stems and leaves in order for them to fit but I actually prefer them without. I like the circular pattern of them. The cards that came with the kit didn't go to waste as I used them to back the coasters so that the threads didn't show. It seemed a shame to see the stripey card go to waste otherwise. These became a wee extra birthday gift for my gran who now has them sitting on her coffee table.

I liked the pattern so much I decided to do them again. This time in green and blue to match the new colour scheme of my sister's living room. I tried to pick out fairly bright colours. However, I think that the blue overpowers the green a little. Might have been better if I had used a lighter shade of blue.

This one is my favourite. My lovely friend, Eve, did point out that it reminds her quite a bit of Monsters Inc. It does have very Monsters Inc colours.

See the resemblance?

I plan on doing them again in the future. This time in red and pale blue for myself.

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