Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Carrot Cake Muffins!

If you follow me on facebook you will have seen these carrot cake muffins a few weeks ago. Yep, I finally attempted them. The muffins themselves weren't that sweet. Compared to carrot cake I have had in the past they were more on the savoury side (I still enjoyed them).

This was set off though by the cream cheese filling. All it contained was cream cheese, orange zest and sugar but it tasted amazing. I'm not going to lie. If the bowl had been bigger I would have licked it (only when finished with it of course). I think if I make them again I would add slightly more of the filling to the muffins.

I did learn some valuable lessons from this. First of all that I needed to invest in a lemon zester (which I have since done). Secondly that grating carrots hurts. Lastly that if you let go of the carrot you are trying to peal it will do a somersault across the room and straight into the bin. Luckily I had more carrots.

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