Wednesday, 21 March 2012

What I learned and What I'm Up To!

On Saturday my knitting group held one of it's craft days and as usual we had various lessons lined up. I think that last time I only took part in one class. This time it was two. The first one was on Sashiko quilting (pronounced Sashko). This is traditionally done with white stitching on blue fabric. The stitch used is just your basic running stitch and you follow the pattern round in a way that you have as little binding off of the thread as possible. Obviously we weren't going to learn quilting in one day but I was able to make a coaster.  The one above was the one I made which then went to my mum since she couldn't be there that day.

We also got to take kits home and I picked out this blue one. I did this after I got home on Saturday night whilst I taught my mum how to do it. There is something therapeutic about stitching these. Once the pattern is drawn out (thankfully that part was done for me) the stitching is relatively simple. You can do it in front of the TV without having to really think about it. Since my sisters living room is blue this one is going to her as part of her hand made Easter.

I also learned how to make a doily using a 2mm crochet hook and some crochet cotton. I actually found this a lot easier to do than I thought I would. The pattern was in the form of a chart which I think helped since I'm used to those from knitting socks. Plus the stitches were just your basic chain, doubles and trebles. I might have a shot at something more complicated next.

Having learned all that I also taught myself something new (I can thank pinterest for that). I have been wondering what to do with all my spare cotton since I no longer sell baby socks. I decided to make the circular granny squares and they will eventually become part of my sisters hand made Easter.

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