Sunday, 18 March 2012

Happy Mothers Day!

Can you guess the theme I went with for this Mothers Day? I decided to go with my mum's favourite colour. There is something handmade in there. I just managed to finish a pair of socks knitted for my mum.

The yarn used is by Schollers Stahl and is called Fortissima Color. I thought it was German but having read the label it actually says made in Italy. I just picked it out because of the reds that run through it. It was lovely to knit with. No splitting or tangling and is made 75% of pure wool. It's also machine washable which is always a bonus.

The pattern I got from the book I mentioned last time, Knitting on the Road by Nancy Bush. This particular pattern is called Whitby and, funnily enough, is inspired by Whitby in England. The pattern is based on a pattern found on a sailor's gansy. I picked it though because of the cables. I love cables but always seem to pick lace patterns. Knitting this was a nice change. It was also relatively easy to follow. So simple I actually got carried away and the foot is a little long for my mum who has tiny feet. The legs look narrow because of the rib pattern.

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