Tuesday, 16 November 2010

One Christmas present down!

I was working on Christmas decorations for my Folksy store. Then I realised I might not be giving myself enough time to finish Christmas presents. So it was back to the knitting. I finally managed to finish my first one. This pair of socks is for my dad. Once again I used neutral colours as he isn't fond of bright socks. I love the way the yarn stripes up and am actually a little jealous that I didn't use it for myself. Unfortunately the tag for the yarn has long since gone and I didn't think to take a note of it (a tip to everyone - keep a hold of the tags from your yarn as not only does it give you washing instructions it helps when someone else asks what it is). I always promise myself I will hold onto them but they always end up in the bin.

As well as being the first Christmas present finished (he will get other things, promise) it was also the first time I used my knit pro DPNs. They really do make a difference. It's so smooth and your knitting just seems to flow with them. I highly recommend them.

I am working on more Christmas presents and yes also more socks. I am currently knitting a pair for my sister. The yarn is Lorna Laces and I am loving the colours. They are actually spring colours. I did buy it in the spring but have only now got round to using it. It actually works out well as I hate the winter and this seems to brighten up the day a little.

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