Sunday, 28 November 2010

Snow Was Good For Something!

If you haven't heard me rant over the last two days then you won't understand just how much I hate the snow. It does look pretty but only for five minutes. It's cold, wet, made me miss out on seeing my friends and I can't walk in it. When I try to walk in it I look like I shouldn't be allowed out without supervision. I have been told that no one looks good walking in the snow but I beg to differ. I have been overtaken not just by children but by the elderly. Having said that there was one good thing about it. As I wasn't going to venture outside unless I had to I managed to finish another Christmas present.

These socks are for my sister. This is the yarn I mentioned in a previous post. I bought it months ago back when it was spring and yarn called Daffodil made sense. I love Lorna Laces though and love the colours. The pattern is from a book called "Knit Socks" by Betsy Lee McCarthy and the pattern is called "Peaks 'n' Valleys". It's a simple two row repeat which doesn't take much concentration. I love the effect using the self-striping yarn.

The book is one of two I treated myself to about a month ago. The layout is very different to most sock books. Each patter gives you two choices to follow. There is always a choice for women's socks but the second choice can be men's socks or children's. In some cases it's just a choice between two different yarns. Each step is broken down more than in most books. For that reason I think it could be a great book for a beginner. It also has a wide range of pattern choice from lace, to cable to colour work. Some of the books I have probably have patterns in it that appeal to me more but there are still enough in there to make it worth while. I would look out for socks being too tight though. Despite casting on more stitches than I would normally these socks seem a little tight. If I was knitting them for myself I would move up a needle size. As these are the only pair I have knitted from this book I can't possibly comment on the rest. It's something to look out for though.

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